Ratatouille : Anyone can Write and Publish

What is Ratatouille?

Ratatouille is a book publishing framework for self-publishers to quickly and easily create books and seamlessly create various formats like eBooks and printed books in various sizes, configurations and content variaitons. It is a one-stop-shop for all book publishing needs.

Aspiring self-publishers can now focus entirely on putting togather the content of the book, while Ratatouille can take care of everything else.

Why Ratatouille?

When I collaborated with my wife to write my first book C/C++ Software Development with Eclipse, I had no idea what it takes to write a book! The contents and the flow of that book were very clear in our minds. But still, we were far off from having tools to create a professional quality book for us. For our readers. We tried and tested many things. Finally, we could get all the tools and developed scripts working together to create the web edition of the book, a PDF to circulate for eBook and a PDF for print media from the same text source. Write once — deploy many! Eventually, we ended up writing many more utilities to streamline the flow of self publishing our book. We have combined and streamlines those tools and scripts in this generic platform Ratatouille to help others also self publish their work easily.

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